Car & Truck Tires for All Seasons!

Tires are tires, right? Wrong! While all automotive tires are made from rubber, there is a world of difference between winter snow tires and summer or all-season tires. Winter tires are made with a softer rubber-silicone compound that makes them more soft, pliable and grippy when the temperatures drop below seven degrees Celsius. That same soft tire compound will begin to wear much faster when summer temperatures hit, which is why it’s important to switch to summer tires when temperatures are warmer. At Progressive Auto Sales we have a great selection of both winter and all-weather tires for you to choose from, and with fast and inexpensive installation there’s no reason to wait for your seasonal tire change once the temperatures begin to change!

With a great selection of light truck tires and car tires, our tire experts will help you choose the correct size and style for your vehicle and your driving style. We carry car and truck tires for all makes and models including Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, Volkswagen, GMC, Honda and more. We have tires by the truckload, so you can be sure that we have something for your vehicle at a great price! If you’re curious about whether it’s time to replace your tires, our mechanics would be happy to take a look and even show you how to test the wear on your tires yourself.

Our Sarnia dealership is located near Chatham-Kent, London, Windsor, Petrolia, Strathroy and the Canada-US Border. If you’re planning a trip into the states, make sure that you’re vehicle is prepared with a fresh set of tires and an alignment to avoid any unexpected stops along the way!

Tire Installation & Repair Services

Whether you have a set of tires on rims you want swapped or want a new set of tires you want mounted and balanced on existing wheels, we offer competitive tire installation rates and fast service. Your tire rotation is always part of the service and extends the life of your tires by ensuring that your front and rear tires wear evenly. We can also inspect your tire alignment and suspension to make sure that you get the most out of your new tires. If you have a flat tire, we can fix a hole in your tire or offer complete replacement depending on the extent of the damage. Book your service appointment online and we can get your vehicle in right away!